We specialise in international transport; we operate across the entire European Union as well as Switzerland and Norway. 

Proper preparation and equipment, as well as many years of experience and a great team of people, make us always ready to undertake and deliver cargo to any corner of the European Community.

The transport units at our disposal include 56 tractor units with 13.6m-long ‘curtain’ semi-trailers. All our trailers are MEGA (3m height/100m3 cubic capacity) which are equipped simultaneously with COILMULDE (9 meters long) suitable for transporting steel coils.

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We specialise in the transit of widely understood steel and, above all, steel coils, transported in specially adapted COILMULDA semi-trailers. We have all the necessary certificates and qualified expert personnel. All semi-trailers are equipped with certified protection chains.  We have extensive experience in transport of steel across the European Union.

Our second specialisation is transit for the AUTOMOTIVE industry using MEGA semi-trailers (height: 3 meters). We have many years of experience in ‘JUST IN TIME’ deliveries which has taught us that this type of transport is one of the biggest challenges in the industry, as it often determines the continuity of production. That is why we provide customised solutions tailored specifically to the needs of particular clients.


One of our greatest assets is the fact that we do not use subcontractors; we execute all contracts with our own fleet. This allows us to provide the highest-quality services, thanks to the ability to exercise full control over the course of transport - from loading to unloading, full feedback, as well as the certainty that our fleet is maintained in good technical condition and is reliable.

We can boast of the fact that we have executed over 12,600 transport orders in 2018.

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We provide both FTL full truckload as well as LTL less-than-truckload transports. Also in ADR convention. 

To meet the expectations of our clients, we are open to new cooperation as well as new directions of operations and development.

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